Case studies

Our Employment Advisers support our Members by providing the confidence, skills and work experience they need

“I’m looking forward to doing something for other people.”

Melisa has grown in confidence and now feels like more than a mum.

Melisa's story

“I’d advise anyone to do an Apprenticeship – that way they can learn and earn.”

Kick-starting Lauren's photography career with an Apprenticeship

Lauren’s Story

"If I was to give advice to anyone thinking about NCS I would say - do it."

Oliver conquered his fear of heights, made friends and grew as a person on our National Citizen Service programme

Oliver's story

“Breaking my low confidence was a huge obstacle”

How the Youth Employment Skills programme supported Amin into his dream apprenticeship.

Amin's Story

“This job will give me and my daughter more freedom to be able to do nice things together.”

Katie overcame her anxiety to find a job that fit round her role as a mother.

Katie's Story