Our Scotland report

15 December 2015

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We are pleased to launch the Scotland version of our Young People and Employment report.

With Christmas just around the corner, our research suggests the best gift a parent in Scotland can give their children this festive season is help finding a part-time job.

We surveyed young people to find out how to boost their chances of getting a job after leaving school or college.

Our survey found that those who have a part time job while at school are 94% more likely to get a job as a young adult. It also found that young people with a part time job at school are twice as likely to find a job within one month of searching.

The survey showed that local young people consider their biggest barrier to getting a job is a lack of experience, with 59% citing it as a factor.

Part-time work is a crucial way for young people to gain experience and understand the world of work.

Commenting on the survey results, Martin Fallon, Managing Director of Reed in Partnership, said:

"Youth unemployment is one of the biggest issues facing Scotland. Despite worries from parents and pupils that a part time job at school will impact on studies, it is actually hugely beneficial in the long run."

"Our survey shows that the single biggest barrier young people face getting work after education is a lack of experience. A part-time job provides vital real world experience that will help open doors once they leave school, college or university."

"So with Christmas just around the corner, parents and guardians should encourage their children to get a part time job this festive season. Not only will they earn some extra cash, but it will make them more attractive to employers when they come to look for their first full time job."

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