Alicja's Story

Alicja 530 x 609

When Alicja first met her Employment Adviser at Reed in Partnership, she was going through one of the toughest periods of her life. The 33 year old was at risk of losing her house and suffered from anxiety and depression. She struggled with the paperwork surrounding her benefits and couldn't afford interview clothes. In the words of her Adviser Jasmine, Alicja was 'hugely underselling herself and her brilliant past experience'.

Jasmine worked closely with Alicja in order to understand the tough times she was going through and identify her needs. In order to increase Alicja's confidence and employability, Jasmine coached her through interview techniques and practising answers.

Alicja soon secured an interview with a high street fashion retailer and, with the help of our partner organisation SmartWorks, received a new outfit to wear to it. "She was a changed woman", said Adviser Jasmine.

"When she next came to our offices, she glowed with confidence."

Throughout the 18 week period that Alicja was with Reed in Partnership, she had eight interviews and was successful in almost all of them, giving her the opportunity to choose the role that best fit the needs of her and her young daughter.

"She did this whilst single-handedly looking after her young daughter, and going to meetings with her support worker and counsellor", said Jasmine. "She is a true example of a 21st century winning woman!"

Alicja credits the team at Reed in Partnership for helping her to overcome her job barriers and start rebuilding her life:

"Reed in Partnership and my Adviser were with me in my lowest darkest times", she said.

"I have never felt more supported and looked after. I didn't feel like I had to come to the office - I truly wanted to. They made me feel so hopeful and gave me the strength to pull away from my troubles."

When Alicja was asked about the impact Reed in Partnership has made on her life, she said:

"If you could see me now, I wouldn't need any words! I am looking after myself in every sense of the word; I am paying attention to my health and am already planning the next steps of my progress."