Karolis’s Story

Karolis 530

Karolis had been out of work for some time when he joined the Work Programme. Karolis initially suffered from low confidence, depression and did not find it easy to engage with his Employment Adviser. However, on the occasions when Karolis met with his Employment Adviser Jamil, they discussed how they could improve his motivation to work and how he could successfully help Karolis find a job.

Despite the initial setbacks, Karolis's adviser Jamil helped him to overcome his barriers to work by being patient and understanding of his situation. Jamil continued to encourage and motivate Karolis during their meetings and Jamil started to notice an improvement in Karolis's self-confidence.

Jamil encouraged Karolis to attend a job fair and helped Karolis prepare for possible interview questions as well as providing him clothing vouchers to ensure Jamil looked smart and presentable on the day. Their preparation was successful and Karolis was offered the job.

"I was given the opportunity thanks to Jamil, he pushed me to come that day and gave me the right advice and now I am in employment."

Jamil spent over an hour coaching Karolis before his interview, they spoke about his future, ambitions, and mindset. Jamil's persistance and belief in Karolis's ability to find work paid off. Jamil believed in Karolis and over time Karolis was able to start believing in himself too.

Karolis credits the Work Programme and the support he received from his adviser Jamil.

"It's made a huge impact, changed my life, motivations and it's keeping me active."

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