Melisa's story

Melisa 536 x 406

Melisa is a lone parent to four children. Before joining Work Routes, Melisa had been long-term unemployed; although she knew she needed to find employment, Melisa was at a loss to see how she could fit that in with the responsibilities of being a mother to four children.

As well as having low self-confidence, Melisa had no Right to Work ID and was anxious about the financial implications of working and possibly losing her Housing Benefit.

After supporting her with applications - including attaining a new Birth Certificate - Melisa's Employment Adviser helped her address her financial concerns by completing an Income and Expenditure form.

They then worked together to identify Melisa's strengths, before angling her CV towards the care industry sector that Melisa had suggested and contacting relevant employers. Melisa was invited to an interview and, although her and her Adviser had already done lots of interview preparation, she felt incredibly nervous as she wanted the job so much.

Melisa's Adviser went with her to the interview and waited for her in the room next door so that she felt reassured. After acing her interview, Melisa was offered the job there and then!

Melisa said: "I was at home with four children at a loose end until Work Routes contacted me and put me in the right direction.

"It has made me more confident and I've found a new me apart from being a mum 24/7.

"I'm looking forward to doing something for other people."