Shifting Stereotypes: Gender and Job Roles

Shifting Stereotypes: Gender and Job Roles

Reed in Partnership is calling for greater gender balance across the UK workforce to open up work opportunities for jobseekers and better equip our economy for the future.

Our new report - Shifting Stereotypes: Gender and Job Roles - has found that deep-rooted social attitudes, educational choices and inflexible working patterns are among the reasons why certain work sectors continue to be dominated by single genders.

The report draws on analysis of the job goals of 500 participants using our employment support services.

We are campaigning for a shift in attitudes to give a much needed boost to these sectors that will need larger and more diverse workforce in the future. In doing so, greater opportunities will also be available to unemployed jobseekers looking for work.

Donna Murrell, Operations Director at Reed in Partnership, said:

“Work needs to be done to ensure that people aren’t applying for – or are being locked out of - certain types of work, because they feel limited by their gender or because of social attitudes and stereotypes. “Breaking down these barriers can enable employers to benefit from a wider talent pool and increase choice for individuals.”

We are working with Mitey - Men in the Early Years - who this week launched their guide for supporting more men into early years learning roles, and the Young Women’s Trust as part of our efforts to tackle stereotypes and open up opportunities.

You can access our full report here.