Life’s Work, 12 Proven Ways to Fast-Track Your Career

Life’s Work, 12 Proven Ways to Fast-Track Your Career

We are pleased to announce the release of the third and final book in the REED career trilogy, ‘Life’s Work, 12 Proven Ways to Fast-Track Your Career’.

No matter what your age or stage, this is for you…

By the time you retire you’ll have spent a third of your life working. That’s far too long to be stuck in a job you hate or even just tolerate. You want one you find rewarding - in head and heart, as well as wallet - but where to start?

The good news is the future lies in your hands. With the right actions and attitude you can power ahead with a career you enjoy. To grasp this opportunity, you’ll need to challenge your existing thinking and approach the world of work with new eyes, but you won’t be doing it alone.


The book contains 12 Career Commandments and 60 Golden Career Nuggets which if you put them to work will help make you a little bit luckier in work and in life.

James Reed has drawn together all these insights that he and others have learned on the road of life, rather than from formal education. Our hope is that they will power you on your own career journey too.

You can order a copy of Life’s Work online here.

You can also here an audiobook extract by clicking here.